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Properly Inspect Your Car’s Belts and Hoses with These Tips

Your engine is a complicated piece of machinery, connecting several components in order to power your vehicle. Several of these components are connected by hoses and belts, and these seemingly insignificant parts are crucial to the function of your engine. It is best to get in the habit of inspecting the belts and hoses in your vehicle on a regular basis, and we are going to tell you what to look for.

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What Harms Belts and Hoses?

The belts and coolant hoses that connect your vehicle's cooling system are composed of flexible rubber. This rubber, while effective at its job, is exposed to all sorts of elements and contaminants that slowly erode and degrade the material. Drive belts and radiator hoses face corrosion on a regular basis, and eventually will need to be replaced, but how do you know when to replace them?

How to Spot Belt and Hose Damage?

Minute damage to these parts can lead to small holes and cracks, or complete bursts and tears that cause immediate failure. Here is what you need to inspect whenever you pop the hood:

  • Hoses - The first sign of trouble is that your coolant level is dropping quickly. Another clear sign of damage to the hose is if you are able to spot any coolant around the engine bay where it shouldn’t be. Finally, once the coolant hose is nice and cool, give it a gentle squeeze near the hose clamps, looking for any unusually soft spots.
  • Belts - Serpentine belts found on newer vehicles tend to last about 50,000 miles, whereas V-belts on older models only make it 36,000 miles. You should keep an eye out for any splits, separations, fraying, or cracking, as those are clear signs that you need a belt replacement. If there is a glaze on the belt, that is another dangerous indicator that the belt could slip off during a drive.

If you need replacement parts for your Volkswagen vehicle or would like professional help inspecting them, then contact the experts at Hawk VW of Monroeville.