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How to Prep Your Car For Winter Weather in Pennsylvania

Western Pennsylvania can experience some pretty severe weather in the winter months, making it important to properly protect your vehicle. Getting stranded or not being able to leave your home during snow storms can be devastating if not dangerous. Make sure you are ready for the cold weather by following these winterization tips before you have to grab the gloves and shovel.

Hawk Volkswagen of  Monroeville Pittsburgh PA

Car Tips to Survive a Harsh Winter

  • Winter Car Cover - Not everyone has access to a garage, and parking outside means fun mornings of brushing snow off your vehicle. A car cover makes the process of removing snow and ice ten times easier, and you won’t have to be out in the cold with an ice scraper for long.
  • Regular Maintenance - The ice and snow can also affect the ability of your engine, trapping you on an errand run or visit to the in-laws. It is crucial to make sure your fluid levels are topped off and your wiper blades work properly before the snow begins to fall. Having a certified technician run a diagnostics check and inspection can make a major difference in the battle against Jack Frost.
  • Make an Emergency Kit - Preparing for the worst-case scenario is never a bad idea, and having an emergency kit in your vehicle could end up saving lives, not just in the winter. Tools, spare snow tires, and a jack can get you out of sticky situations, while non-perishable food, blankets, and clothes can keep you warm.

Take cautious steps to protect yourself and your car from the extreme cold and contact the service department at Hawk VW in Monroeville to have your car inspected. You can also upgrade your vehicle by switching to one of the many Volkswagen vehicles that sport the sturdy and capable 4MOTION all-wheel drive systems.